tbt affirmations pt. 39

“Maybe the problem with love these days is that someone says they love you, and you just wonder how long for.” – J.L. Johnson

What Happened?

Blurring the lines between real & fake, lies and truth.

Immediacy & Intimacy (a think-piece)

So I decided to start using Tinder the other week with no incentive whatsoever rather than to talk to new girls (and troll every now & then). I have no shame in using it because it offers a low-cost punishment: either they didn’t like you, or they liked you but you failed to choose the…

Healing America’s wounds

How do we fix a system that was never broken to begin with? Most may disagree with this statement but what is sad is that some feel like the system is doing everything it was designed to do, and in a way that is true. The other night Orlando’s premier gay night club, Pulse, was…