Some words for Vegas

The exact moment I saw the phrase “Thoughts and Prayers” trending on twitter, I felt uneasy in my stomach. When I see these things my mind always goes to “damn, what now.” It doesn’t have to be like this.

First we saw it with Orlando, now it hits Las Vegas. Mass-shootings unfortunately are not rare in this country, and a simple but far-fetched solution would be just to ban guns altogether. That of course will never happen if we’re thinking logically. As a country, we’ve simply walked too far down the wrong path. We’ve dug ourselves a hole that’s impossible to climb out of.

It is always after the fact that we ponder the killer’s mental capacity. It’s easy to call them crazy, but the sad part is they are just as human as we are but with an illness that is hardly ever identified.

We tend to blame external influences on this type of behavior: violent video games, toy guns, violent television and movies, etc. When you’re a kid, these types of activities are exciting because it opens up a whole new realm of reality. Now how much you identify with it could be a red flag, but it’s not fair to assume it’s the only reason.

Nature is deeply intertwined with nurture when it comes to human development. We’re naturally aggressive, and primitively speaking, we are subject to natural selection. So with that being in play, pairing it with prior experiences, outside influences, and just human intelligence in general, could lead to dangerous behavior. Let’s just say if humans weren’t conscious beings, we’d probably all go full cannibal, no different than how it is in the wild.

But that’s the catch, humans have the ability to think. We can foresee the consequences to our actions. We are so smart that we’ll go outrageous lengths just to be lazy. If you want to kill someone, don’t worry about the physical toll it would take to rumble with them, just buy a gun, problem solved.

There is really no way to justify these unfortunate events, there isn’t much we can do to prevent these things from happening. There is something we can do: Be better people. Be better to each other, be better to ourselves, be better for each other, do better for our kids. And no, it won’t necessarily solve the problem at hand, but anything helps. Any one human’s positive deed, even just an intention, creates a ripple effect and directly affects the paradigm of the universe.

I am not saying that things will change over night, I’m not saying that heaven on Earth is, or isn’t possible. What I am saying is that what you do while you’re here, matters. I wrote this not out of frustration or anger of the events that unfolded in Las Vegas, I wrote this in hopes to find sense of any of this. It’s probably a lost cause, but becoming desensitized doesn’t help either. That’s what the media wants, until it happens to you or a loved one.

We all have the capacity to love, so let’s give it a shot, and teach our youth the same. As cliche as it is, my deepest condolences peace be with the families and victims affected by the shooting in Las Vegas, and for that matter, every and anyone who’s been wrongfully affected in senseless violence at some point in the past several years (or lifetime if you wanna take it there).



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  1. marymtf says:

    History is littered with examples of pure evil. These days we are strangely reluctant to call it out and deal with evil. We prefer to justify or try to understand it.

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