Hey music geeks, it’s been a while. So I’ve pretty much decided that my TTTTT segment won’t be a weekly thing since my vinyl collection is rapidly growing, so I’m going to drop these on the Thursdays that I feel like dropping them on. This week’s record is something that should have made my top albums list in 2015 had I heard it that year. It is Sound & Color by the Alabama Shakes.I’ve heard of this band on multiple occasions but never really gave them a chance until mid-2016, and boy was I blown away. Their music is something I have never experienced before. It is a perfect blend of modern soul, blues, and folk but it is a style of their own.

What really drew me into this LP was the fact that the music is so timeless and has outstanding replay value. But not only is it a great album, the LP itself is CLEAR. Yes, like transparent, can see through it clear. I thought that in itself was pretty awesome.I try to buy LP’s that I know will last 10-20+ years and that I can show to my children.

The band members include bassist Zac Crockwell, drummer Steve Johnson, guitarist Heath Fogg, and lead vocalist Brittany Howard, the only female in the band. They came up performing a versatile variety of covers which include AC/DC, James Brown, Led Zeppelin and Otis Redding until they finally released their first self-titled EP in late 2011.

They went on to put out Boys & Girls in 2012 which earned the Alabama Shakes critical and mainstream success, which landed them an opportunity to open up for Jack White on his tour along with several music festivals. Then Sound & Color was released just three years later and launched them into even more success.

Sound & Color, in my opinion, is a perfect flowing album that takes you on a journey that is similar to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. Brittany Howard has an extremely wide vocal range and if you are listening to it for the first time, each song her voice will sound just a little different. A few of my favorites from the LP is the title track, ‘Sound & Color,’ ‘Don’t Wanna Fight,’ ‘Gimme All Your Love,’ and ‘Guess Who.’ Take a spin below via Spotify:

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