What Happened?


They say every story has three sides: one’s perception, the other’s, and the truth. The truth is always relative but if a perception is only a manifestation of your thoughts and beliefs, can it really be true?

What if you genuinely cared about the people involved but could never know the truth? That truth isn’t yours anyway, and to believe one side is to believe a half-truth and half-illusion.

Sometimes the truth is blurred by fabricated details, and sometimes the truth will never come to the light. But that’s only if it isn’t my truth, and if it isn’t my truth, then why worry about it at all? Maybe because this lack of truth is tearing people apart.

Time and time again you try to convince someone that they’re in the wrong, but what is wrong to one person may not be wrong to another (this point could turn very political but that isn’t the topic being discussed).

This generation is extremely focused on real and fake when both are relative. As a human being, how can anyone actually be fake? Because they lie, or because they see through a narrow lens of what they perceive to be real? This disconnect has caused extreme and even fatal conflict in the world as we know it, and it will probably never end as long as the human race persists.

Personally, I can’t decipher what’s real and what isn’t anymore and along with that, I can’t subject either to being bad or being good. That is where duality becomes an issue and not just an inevitable reality. There is no light without dark, no good without bad, no real without fake, no left without right, no positive without negative. This is the only reality of the world we live in and the fact that we cling on to one side is how any form of conflict arises.

We as a species will never be content or at peace if we continue to live in the illusion of what’s real and what’s fake because the (relative) truth is, reality itself is fake. If we continue to battle with these two extremes, we’re wasting our precious lives. We don’t know what happens to us when we die, and living your life attempting to figure that out is a waste of life itself. That’s where anxiety can come from and maybe even an existential crisis. If you dig too deep for something you may not like what you find.

If you claim to have “fake friends,” are they really your friends? And what about real friends? Still your friend’s, right? It’s time we get over both cases and just appreciate the people in our lives that are decent people. For some people that may only be family, while others don’t even have that luxury. For others, it may be a significant other or just friends in general.

Like Chance the Rapper said, “Everybody’s Somebody’s Everything.” Some people are totally unaware of that and more importantly, unaware of the fact that everybody needs everybody. The world would never be the same without you and whenever anybody dies, it will affect someone if not several people. And that isn’t just when a celebrity dies, but even when a criminal dies.

It’s all about love at the end of the day. And if you have trouble loving anyone else in this world, try starting with yourself. Peace and blessings.





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