Dear White People, Dear Black People: [Op-ed]

contributed by Stephen Poarch

An interracial conversation about race between two people can be a challenging task. No one wants to offend the other. People often get misunderstood.

The internet is the worst place to have these discussions. Yet everyone resorts to social media to add their own misguided two cents. That’s understandable because there are no repercussions for it. I could say whatever the fuck I want and wouldn’t have to claim anything.

That’s why trolling is at an all-time high right now, and I’m just as guilty as anyone else. It is ironic that this article most likely will be read online. In some ways, this is equivalent to a long Facebook post on how to converse with a nigga of opposite color. I hope you enjoy.


Dear White People…


  1. All of you aren’t racist


…As if you even have the right to play the pity card. However, black people do not think all of you are racist. There are some good people in the world and that does not exclude whites.


  1. Show more empathy


There’s too much of this:


“I wasn’t a slave owner”

“The 60’s are over”

“Why should I take responsibility for what my ancestors may have done”

“Blacks kill each other all the time”


First of all, shut the fuck up for a second. Reflect upon what you’ve said…


While all three of these statements may be true, the reason the Black community suffers most is a direct result of those types of statements. Blacks were brought over here by white people, white people developed social systems to hinder the development of black communities, and white people fail to acknowledge it today.

The WORST thing a white person can say while having this discussion is, “get over it” “stop killing each other” or something along those lines. If Whites begin conversation with that, just fucking forget about it.

Black people are frustrated and fed up. They will not be able to see past such blatant ignorance, and oblivious commentary. Stay away from that shit, white people.


  1. “White Supremacy” does exist


The KKK does exist. There are White people out there that think they are better than every other race. I personally don’t understand it. They take nasty shits, look for love, and die just like everyone else. That is a very broad simplistic way of viewing things, but I don’t see how they are better. This is just my opinion.


  1. Know that you are privileged

You are privileged. If you are White, you don’t need to feel any level of guilt. Know that you can use your privilege to make a change.

10,000 of the pastiest White people yelling “Black Lives Matter” is way louder than 10,000 Blacks yelling it.

White people are winning the race battles! White people have been winning since the crusades. Don’t play dumb or disregard the truth. That’s irritating to black people. Know that when you are talking to Black people you can use your privilege to bring about change!

That is what they are asking for. They are not asking for an apology from your ancestors or from yourself.

(Although it would be cool if I actually got my 50 acres and mule) I’ll forget though.


  1. Perhaps you don’t care for the matter?


THATS FINE! If you aren’t going to participate in the conversation, or join the movement… then SHUT THE FUCK UP!

What White people should not do is type a long Facebook status, or tweet some shit like #BlueLivesMatter” or #AllLivesMatter. Yes, White people, while that is indeed true, police are also killing niggas in the streets. While all lives, in theory, do matter, black lives are what needs attention in America.

It is okay to say “All lives matter.” But if you say that, and don’t speak on how the judicial system treats black people, then you are a hypocrite, blind, and in denial.

If you say “ALL LIVES MATTER,” there must be an appropriate action following. If not, you are working against black people and not helping. That leads to the next point.


  1. Know your Shit


This is with any conversation. You shouldn’t be speaking at all if you don’t know what you’re talking about. This article is not here to be preachy or coach you on what you need to know.

Knowledge is for those who seek it. It’s the 20th century. If your broke as fuck, and can’t afford Wi-Fi to Google something… find a public library my nigga they are all over.


Dear Black People…


  1. All Police are NOT bad


All policemen are not bad. All white people are not bad. You are capable of being racist too. Just because blacks are on the opposite side of privilege does not make you exempt from being hateful. Not fucking with white people, not liking white women or males, or avoiding white people at the expense of being “pro-black,” are all racist qualities. That’s hypocritical.


  1. Let Others Talk


A wise man once said, “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”

Black people, you do a lot of yelling. Yelling is great sometimes. Sometimes you got to demand justice, demand change. But let’s take a step back.

Understand that what you are asking for is a change in thinking. You want to uproot a system that has inflicted pain in your communities since America’s birth. That’s completely understandable!

Ask better questions, and do more listening. The more stupid white people hear themselves speak the more they will be like, “Oh… wait… that is pretty fucked up,” or, “oh….wait… maybe I should do some research.”

No one ever is going to buy into an idea if you always place them on the defensive. It’s like the Sandler approach in the sales technique: If you push, the natural response is to push back. However, if you probe with questions and wait for an educated response, you’ll draw them in and they will be more receptive.

Black people need more privileged white people on their team. That is how you will win them over.


  1. No, Blacks are not perfect


Yes, Black people, you are struggling with issues which are unfortunately beyond your control. There aren’t enough niggas within the three branches for things to ever be in your favor. You don’t know shit about the people in office on a local and state level.

There are only five black CEO’s within the fortune 500 companies. These are few examples of issues beyond Black control and are at the mercy of privileged Whites… THATS FUCKED!

Of the little that Blacks control, there is one thing that they do: Blacks have a decision, contrary to what the system will have Blacks believe.

The leading cause of death in young Black men is by homicide. The system has instilled a culture of blame. Blame it on the system when blacks kill each other. Blame it on the system when blacks don’t support black business. Blame it on the system when convicted of dealing drugs.

There are ways that the Black community can help themselves. It isn’t always the easiest decision, but when made by a community, they become easier. Just know that those options exist, and Blacks have an obligation to do better in their own communities.

When these facts come up in a conversation, AS THEY SHOULD… sincerely address them and move the fuck on. Be prepared to talk about those issues.

Even though you are a by-product of the system, the system no longer thrives on proactivity, but rather your reaction to the pillars of the past. Always keep that in mind.


  1. Dealing with “I see no color”


Dealing with people who “see no color,” can be frustrating. That’s understandable because niggas are suffering.

However, they are correct. There is but one race: the human race.

Greed divides us all. It is okay to make this statement, BUT not as an excuse to leave niggas hanging. Be prepared to calmly express that.

If someone says this, they are ultimately saying they agree with unity. So, if they agree with unity they should step in and do something about what’s going on!


Dear Audience…

THINK FOR YOURSELVES!! Media has a Captain Ginyu grip on everybody’s minds.

Change comes from a collection of inward thinking. Before you evaluate the actions of others I challenge you to reflect on yourself!

The media will lead you to believe that there is more hatred in the world than love. The media will feed you a negative connotation on an entire race, religion, or social group.

I challenge you to spread some love. Put a smile on somebody’s face!!


Random Disclaimers


  1. I am a 25-yearold black man.
  2. Do not say, “Oh, there’s more bullets for whites than blacks,” we see.
  3. These are reflections on what I observe in the many conversations I’ve had
  4. Both parties are equally as frustrating to me
  5. I am sorry for generalizing to “all Whites” and “all Blacks”
  6. This is just some shit to think about. if you don’t care, or doesn’t apply to you, it’s truly whatever.
  7. Do not share this article with the tagline “Hey (insert race) listen up”
  8. This was written without bias please do not place it in one
  9. Imma talk about Asians, Hispanics, and Indians soon. 🙂

*note: the views expressed in this post do not directly align with the views of the brown turtle.

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