The brown turtle is back with the vinyls, back with the tunes. This week the featured LP is a personal favorite of mine that released four years ago. Anything in Return by Toro y Moi (Chaz Bundick) is quite overlooked in my opinion but if you at least know who he is, you should know this album. If you don’t, I wouldn’t be surprised, because he floats under the radar.

The first time I ever heard about Toro y Moi was in 2013, the same year the album came out. I heard what was and probably still is his most popular song to date, “So Many Details,” and it resonated with me so much, I had to go back and do my research.

That same year, I attended the Firefly Music Festival for the first time. He was listed as a performer, though at the time the group that I was with left on Sunday and didn’t catch any of the acts. It probably wouldn’t have mattered if we did stay though, because at the time, I had no clue who Toro y Moi was. Now that I do, I beat myself up everyday about missing the chance to see him live (still haven’t).

Anything in Return is possibly his best work to date, suggesting that he wanted to make a pop album. Songs like “Say That,” “Rose Quartz,” “Never Matter,” and of course, “So Many Details,” showcase his true talent and sonic versatility. No it wasn’t a chart topper like a ‘pop’ album should but that is part of what makes this album so great. It is an impressive mix of funk, electronic, soul, rock, and lo-fi psychedelic dance music.

What I really appreciate about Toro y Moi is that for one, he is one strange ass dude. Look up some of his music videos and you’ll see what I mean. But most of all, he delves into several different genres every project he puts out. He can go from folk/country, to indie/alternative, soul/r&b, and electronic/dance with ease. He’ll even produce records for rappers.

This multi-instrumentalist and vocalist produces all of his own music, reminiscent of a legend who passed away recently. Oh yea, PRINCE. Though I wouldn’t throw them in the same category, meaning Toro y Moi isn’t legendary status, I believe his work deserves much more attention.

Toro is prepping a collaborative project with The Mattson 2 towards the due at the end of March and just released a 30-minute mix on soundcloud this week. Take Anything in Return for a spin below:

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