Where do I even start? No, this was not one of my parent’s hand-me-down records and I am still shocked they never owned a Prince record.

After his recent death, I saw this in a local record store and thought it was only right to grab it.

Purple Rain, one of Prince’s most popular records and a soundtrack to the movie, was the perfect LP for me to own also to pay homage to the legend.

I have always been weirdly infatuated with Prince mostly as a person. His style and eccentricity, androgyny, controversial antics, and of course the skit dedicated to him on the Chappelle’s Show.

With 31 albums out there is no way I’ll be able to sit down and listen to everything he’s ever done, though I have heard most of his hits and then some. I have to respect the man’s genius.

He played nearly every instrument you could think of, wrote, produced, and performed all of his own music, and never once conformed to what people wanted him to be. He even changed his name to a symbol.

Though my parents never owned a vinyl record of his, my mother however had the chance to see him perform live, which is something I wish I had the opportunity to do, but unfortunately won’t.

The reason I got Purple Rain and not any of his other work is because that is mainly how I know Prince.

Two of my favorite Prince songs of all time appear on this album (‘When Doves Cry’ & ‘Purple Rain’) plus a few other favorites including ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ and ‘The Beautiful Ones’.

One thing I will always admire about Prince is how versatile of an artist he is and the vast array of sounds in all of his music.

It is easy to compare him with Michael Jackson solely on the fame and impact on music in general, but it’s not fair to compare the music. The two honestly are so different sonically and even as people and while of course you can easily put the two in the same conversation along with Stevie Wonder, each of these artists can do something that the other can’t.

Neither Prince or Stevie could dance like Michael, Michael couldn’t play all the instruments that Prince did, and Stevie’s talent and composition will forever go unmatched (along with his visual handicap).

Maybe one day (or month) when I have nothing but free time on my hands I will attempt to go through Prince’s vast catalogue, but for now I am content with his greatest hits. We lost an incredible and well-respected musician earlier this year, but his legacy will live on forever. Spin Purple Rain below via Spotify:


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