Hip-hop heads rejoice. This LP right here is arguably the most important album in rap. Having never bought a Nas record, I thought it was only right that I purchase this timeless classic, and even better, on vinyl.

Having never bought a Nas record before, I thought it was only right that I purchase this timeless classic, and even better, on vinyl. Illmatic is Nas’ debut LP and it has received so much critical acclaim as well as praise from hip-hop artists who came after him.

Other than this project, It Was Written, and his most recent album, Life is Good, I had never become an avid fan of Nas, though I knew how respected he is and is usually always in the top five MC’s of all time conversation. Your typical hip-hop head would probably say if you’re not familiar with Illmatic or just Nas in general, you’re not a true hip-hop fan.

With impeccable 90’s production from the greats of DJ Premier and Q-Tip and Nas’ thought provoking lyrics and flows, this album will go down as one of the best of all time. Though I was born only a year before this album was released, I can imagine the people who had this album as their first exposure to rap, loved it and still do. Rappers have and still do rap over the famous beats on this album and there’s even been a complete remake of the album by an underground rapper from Detriot.

This and Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt are the two albums that solidify the feel of 90’s hip-hop for me. Other than that, I find it cool when current artists pay homage to them, but pushing the boundaries of what hip-hop is supposed to be, is exactly what keeps it relevant.

You may think I’m missing key players like Tupac, Biggie, Big L, and even Eminem and I respect all of them as MC’s, I just never had the same exposure to their music (excluding Eminem). Plus those two albums I mentioned are strictly New York 90’s hip-hop (with the addition of Biggie). I still have plenty of time to expand my collection though and I plan to.

A couple favorites of mine from this LP include ‘Life’s a Bitch’, ‘The World is Yours’, ‘One Love’ and ‘It Ain’t Hard to Tell’.

Take a spin below via Spotify:


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