This week for the T.T.T.T.T. segment, I decided to choose by request this time in honor of the late Maurice White.Earth Wind & Fire have been a part of my life for practically all of my life. My parents both loved the band and even went to see them live back when they had their full band together. I grew up hearing this band nearly every day on my way to school when my dad used to drive me.

This band and the LP that I’m featuring today, All ‘N All, has been a vital influence in my taste of music today. Funk, soul, disco and jazz are easily the sounds that resonate with me the most, and I like to thank this band for that. But it’s not just the genre of the band itself, it’s also all of the live instrumentation, the grooves, the melodies and harmonies that are just flawless to me.

All ‘N All does not feature most of the collectives most popular songs like “September” and “Let’s Groove” or even “Boogie Wonderland”, but thanks to my parents, the majority of these songs I remember just off of the tune alone. My personal favorite off of this record is “Fantasy” and also the first song “Serpentine Fire” as well as “Love’s Holiday.”

I love Earth Wind & Fire because they bring such a joyful vibe to their music and you will more than likely feel good when you hear the majority of their music. They are clearly huge advocates for love and peace and their music reflects that. You also don’t see any gimmicks or sell-outs in this band, for their music is 100 percent organic and not compromised.

I will probably still be listening to some Earth Wind & Fire when I have kids. Their music is timeless and can be enjoyed by anyone really. They are also going to perform at the Firefly Music Festival this summer, but unfortunately without their main guy Maurice White. Rest in Peace.

Give it a spin below via Spotify:


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