Week three is here and I have something beautiful for your ears this time (or not depending on your taste in music). Who knows, maybe it’ll get you to dance.

Roy Ayers’ In The Dark is a project that does not need focus on the lyrics to appreciate. With a fusion of funk, soul, and jazz, the sounds in this LP are impeccable and Ayer’s xylophone skills are downright the best that I’ve ever heard. If you feel like you may have heard of Roy Ayers, here is a popular song that he is responsible for that may sound familiar:

Ayers is still a well-respected musician today, as he has worked with several recent artists such as Erykah Badu and Tyler The Creator(see below). He and his band Ubiquity have a vast catalog and it would be extremely difficult to go through his entire discography, but a couple of hand-me-down records is a good start.

In The Dark is a record to be appreciated for the music alone and this is certainly something for instrumental enthusiasts. You won’t hear Ayers’ xylophone solo until mid-way through the song. Give it a spin below via Spotify:

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