DJ Khaled: Inspiring or Poisoning the Youth?

Hip-Hop entrepreneur and alleged DJ, DJ Khaled, has been featured heavily in the mainstream media recently as his self-promotion has reached incredible heights. How could his relevance become so dramatically renewed? Snapchat, of course.

It was Christmas day, after I had been seeing a litter of phrases and mantras dispersing among social media, I became curious. And so I followed DJ Khaled on Snapchat, and now I understand, but am utterly confused at the same time.

“Follow me, on the path to more success. Congratulations, you played yourself. They don’t want us to eat, so we gon’ eat. Major Key. Bless Up. Another One” -Various DJ Khaled catch phrases

At first I took it as a joke, plenty of people like to have fun on social media. But then I looked deeper into what was really going on. DJ Khaled is using Snapchat as a platform to self-promote his wealthy luxurious lifestyle and give the masses an intimate live stream of it all. I mean, really, intimate. The other day I looked at his Snap story of him in the shower saying, “I love you” to his audience. But what gets to me is the fact that DJ Khaled is making money off of doing this. I mean, he has a personalized filter for Christ’s sake.

Though I do enjoy watching Khaled’s Snapchat shenanigans, I can’t allow myself to be too indulged in what he’s eating for breakfast everyday, which I’m pretty sure is the same every day. Plus, Khaled intends to motivate with his positive words while at the same time displaying his luxuries, club life, celebrity friends, and just a lot of things that the average Snapchat user can’t afford.


After a while I had to stop keeping up with DJ Khaled’s Snapchat, for I can barely keep up with my own. But it made me realize, DJ Khaled is responsible one of the best self-marketing strategies in history. He’s practically a genius in the millennial age. Think about it, the majority of people in the 18-30 age range are more than likely on their cell phone 45% of their entire day at most. These are not true stats but I’m confident in my subjective predictions.

That means DJ Khaled’s presence among millennials has sky-rocketed since his merger with Snapchat, and that can be due to the youth’s obsession with it. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a problem with that. No, I don’t have a problem with what DJ Khaled is doing. I have a problem with people succumbing to his influence so much and for practically paying him to waste your time watching him make more money.

If you don’t think Khaled’s media presence has an immense impact in our culture, why would he start a riot outside of a talent agency in Los Angeles? Watch below to what seems to be a communion of mass selfies and of course Snapchats, with people repeating some of Khaled’s famous catch phrases.

As entertaining as this may be, I do not believe DJ Khaled should be looked up to, especially for this business venture. I believe this whole stunt is money motivated, and quite malicious knowing that the youth would eat this kind of thing up. DJ Khaled is a smart man and is responsible for several crew-cut hip-hop smash hits, but his Snapchat antics should not be glorified, at least not for much longer. Need I remind you this is the same man who proposed to Nicki Minaj to promote his album.

Good for DJ Khaled finding a way to make money off of Snapchat, but those who don’t make money off of Snapchat, what is DJ Khaled doing for you besides giving you a good laugh every now and then and a few inspiring quotables? He’s wasting precious time from your daily life (which is what most mobile social interaction does anyway) and making money from it. Do people actually care about what DJ Khaled does on a daily basis? Do people actually care about what you do on a daily basis? If we didn’t care about what DJ Khaled did on a daily basis, would he still be making money off of Snapchat?

Whatever Khaled is doing, he’s doing it right, but that doesn’t mean we should be following his footsteps, but maybe just channel his enthusiasm and drive for what he loves to do.





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  1. Khlaed was actually stinking rich before Snapchat. He got where he is because he had connections and could put a lot of famous rappers on his songs. He’s a great businessman – do nothing, just pose on the cover and have other dudes rap. That allowed him to have enough audience to launch his Snapchat thing.

    But the fact it’s so popular is sad. Khaled has no talent even though I love the music that gets made under his name.

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