Back for week two of the brown turtle’s T.T.T.T.T. series and this week’s featured record is Sade’s Diamond Life. I wanted to give Sade a chance after giving other female soul acts so much attention (Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott). I also learned that Sade is not just the female singer, but a band from the UK consisting of Sade Adu herself and three other male members. Diamond Life is the debut album from Sade and was released nearly 30 years ago.

One thing that struck me while listening through this record was that I already knew a few of the songs. I’ve gotta thank my parents for playing their music during car rides back when I was little. Because of that stint of time, there are songs from decades back that I’ll never be able to forget.

“Smooth Operator”, the record’s opening track, is probably Sade’s most popular song. That brought much nostalgia but then hearing the next song “Your Love is King” brought even more after realizing I’ve heard that song before as well.

One thing I love about listening to these records is that even while I may know an artist or a couple of songs by them, most of it is still very new to me. I’m hearing a majority of these songs for the first time and I can admire the instrumentation and organic sounds from this record. Another thing that I’ve noticed from listening to these vintage records is all of the samples I’ve found in more recent music.

Two songs from the second side of this record stood out. The song “Sally” was sampled in Curren$y’s “Famous” on Pilot Talk 2.

Then the very next song, “I Will Be Your Friend” was sampled in Drake’s “Free Spirit” with Rick Ross.

Overall, I think this album is impressive, fusing Sade’s beautiful voice with organic live instrumentation to create a nice, cohesive body of work. You get elements of pop, jazz, soul, with just a touch of funk in this record, creating a very smooth vibe throughout the entire record. Give it a spin below via Spotify:

Give it a spin below via Spotify:


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