Thoughts on Passion: 2015 wrap-up (part 4)

I feel like the word ‘passion’ is too ambiguous to just flat out define. Passion can be felt and expressed in several different ways. It is also found in various forms that are outside of oneself. The question becomes very loaded though when you get asked “what are you passionate about?” Probably makes you immediately sit and reflect on your life.

But in that moment of reflection, what kinds of things do our minds go to when we think about passion? For me, I think about things that I enjoy, things that I like to do, watch, eat, or even just talk about. I think one of the most beautiful things to encounter in human interaction is when someone speaks on something that they are passionate about and you see their eyes light up with genuine excitement and arousal.

Passion in this case is undoubtedly linked to positive words, thoughts and feelings. There certainly are certain things that I am passionate about, but this is where things get a little complicated. How can we follow our passions and ‘bliss’ without money getting in the way? There are several people out there every day who give up on their artistic endeavors (and in most cases are really talented!) in fear of not being financially stable. I’ve even heard some people tell me that money is what motivates them, which is another thing that confuses me.

Can someone be passionate about money: A green piece of paper that ultimately gives you the freedom to do the things you want? Maybe if that’s the case, money can fuel passion, but if money IS your passion, what is one willing to sacrifice for it? Their well-being? Their relationships? Their criminal record? There’s no telling what people would do for money, and I’m sure we’ve all been entertained with those hypothetical situations involving something along the lines of “would you slap your grandmother for a million dollars?” This is where one’s own morality comes into question, and I’m sure the majority of millennials these days would probably respond ‘hell yeah’ without hesitation

I think the idea of money equating to happiness (as cliche as that sounds) and it literally being one’s passion, can be quite the internal conflict. What if someone were to ask you, “If money didn’t exist, what would you be doing with your life?” I’m sure plenty of people have been posed with this question, and usually what comes out of it if anything is the one, or few things that the person is actually passionate about, if anything at all.

The concept of money and financial stability I feel like in a way has drained the passion out of most humans and they more than likely don’t know who they are anymore or what they’re passionate about, because they’ve been sucked into the idea that they have to work to maintain stability and comfort. Decisions can be either the bearer or the thief of one’s happiness.

What about passion in terms of romance? I personally think passion in a romantic relationship is the very key component to it’s longevity. Passion in a relationship is like the human heart: It’s what keeps it alive. Passionate sex is certainly a great part of that, but passion for another person in general is one of the greatest feelings a human can feel (next to an orgasm). People can connect however with whoever at any point in time, but if there’s no passion, there’s no commitment.

That seems to be scary for some people, especially for people in their early to mid twenties. “Commitment” scares us to death. Why? Because  we’ve lost our passion. And this goes for both sides of the spectrum; If you have no passion for something you’re doing like a job or a major in school, the less likely you are to commit to it. And if you do commit to the emptiness and spend your life doing something you don’t like, with someone you don’t like, then comes a miserable existence ahead of you.

Passion is essential to a more fulfilling life, both lifestyle and relationship wise. Who doesn’t want to live a life doing exactly the things they want with the exact person they want? The world tries to make us feel like that’s unattainable, like our dreams aren’t valid or important. If it feels right, then do it. Take that trip out to Venezuela. Write that song that you’ve been wanting to make for years. Go get those golf lessons. Go talk to that girl you couldn’t stop looking at at the bar that one night. Just do it and make sure you do it with passion. Life is far too precious to hold out on the things/people we love.



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