Open Letter #1: 2015 wrap-up series (part 1)

Why is it that the most profound thinkers are the quietest, and in some cases the saddest people? Einstein himself had a psychological therapist. And even with no insight to his intelligence, Robin Williams, a man who put smiles on the faces of everyone who knew him or his work, hated himself just as much (or more) than everyone else loved him. And his story ended tragically as most of us know.

But that’s the one thing each of us needs to realize. That each and every human on this earth has a story that is unique from anyone else, and that may scare some people which is why those people choose to go with the story that they’ve been told to follow.

Yes, I believe everyone has their own path in life, and everyone’s idea of success is different, but how different exactly?

Does success equate to money and wealth? America’s values may suggest so, and they ingrain this idea into the minds of its citizens which ironically makes success less attainable. ESPECIALLY for minorities. Though I don’t see myself to be a black activist being a young black male in America, I also am not blind to what happens in this country.

I can’t say I’m as frustrated as most black men my age (early twenties), but I am frustrated in what I feel like we’re all trying to attain, which is identity, which is what most people find in external qualities such as the color of their skin, the people they surround themselves with, the job they have at any moment, the school they go to or went to, or whatever they choose to do in life. I always thought that when you grew up you could only do one thing for money and that was all you did until your kids grew up and went to college and then you finally decide to retire. That is one thought that has frightened me so much for years now: doing the same thing over and over for 20+ years, just to survive.

I’d much rather live than survive, because let’s face it, nobody “survives” in this thing we call life. Everybody’s gotta go at some point some way or another, and I feel as though if most people embraced that our experience on earth is only temporary, much more understanding, empathy, and love would come out of it, and we wouldn’t have to give any of our attention to trivial things such as racism, sexism, homophobia, and just straight up narcissism. And more importantly, since we are only temporary beings, we should be focusing on the KIDS.

Once one generation leaves, another generation comes up and they are deemed the wise ones. But being wise cannot only be subject to those that have more life experience, but those that have experienced more of life. For example, and this may be an unpopular opinion and a strange comparison, but I consider Jaden and Willow Smith to be more wise than Donald Trump. Why do I believe that? Could be somewhat of a bias on both sides, but I believe intention has a great deal to do with it. Trump wants to marginalize everything, keep Muslims out of America regardless of who they are, and make America “great again” as if America was ever great before (maybe for the WEIRD-os).

Willow and Jaden on the other hand have great intentions for their audience who are primarily young, rebellious teens who rage against the system they were born into, but they want to bring everyone together as opposed to pointing fingers and deliberately separating our human race. I believe this is the fundamental difference between conservative and progressive, but I’d rather stray away from the political commentary.

That’s why I’m such great supporters of Willow and Jaden, because they ARE the youth who are trying to make a difference FOR the youth. And not to mention their music is incredibly dope, especially for a 17 and 15 year old. I mean then again, just look at their genes.

As for me, my youth is slowly fading. but as I grow and experience more, the more I understand that the impact on the youth is one of the most important and essential things that can either make or break our society in years to come.

This is just part one of my year-end wrap up series, stay tuned for more.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jocelyn Webb says:

    Very insightful Drew! I really like the way that you write and express your thoughts`

  2. roadsendblog says:

    Wise words for such a young man.

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