Where’s Bill Clinton when you need him?

Obama’s term is coming to a close soon and he obviously isn’t coming back, so America needs a new POTUS. Now I, being completely being indifferent to politics whatsoever, shouldn’t have any strong opinions on who the next president will be or not(and I still don’t; matter fact I’m not even registered to vote). I do, however know who I don’t want to run this country, and you guessed it: Donald J. Trump. Or should I say CHUMP! 

Now before you jump to conclusions this is not a post intending to bash Donald Trump (please don’t fire me). No, I just feel as though I have some perception as to where I can see this country heading and don’t necessarily want to debate anybody on political views in general. Laws and policies are one thing, but when someone tells me that I have a say in what happens in this country, I’ll just give them this look. IMG_2074

When I say I’m indifferent to politics, I mean I really don’t pay much attention to government affairs at all. So why am I even writing about politics? Because I’m as much of American citizen as you are(unless you’re reading this in another country, then I’d be curious as to why you’re reading this). I have been hearing things about potential candidates, from Hillary Clinton, Trump obviously, Jeb Bush, Martin O’Malley, Chris Christie, Rick Santorum, and recently discovered, Joe Biden. Off top without even developing an in-depth view on this debate, my favorite is Biden. I never voted in the last election because I didn’t really have a strong stance or even an incentive to vote, plus I kind of assumed Obama would win. I did like Obama but not for the same reasons as most people. I liked his character, his swag, and it seems like he and my dad would have a nice conversation over a beer. obama-biden

Is that a legitimate reason to vote for a president? No, which is part of why I didn’t vote. But I want to start getting informed about this election before I even consider finishing my registration (yeah, I wasn’t joking). This does not mean I’m looking to have a firm view on who I think should win the next election. I’m just becoming more aware of myself and how I fit into society. But maybe if I start doing more research and find that I don’t trust any of these people to run my country, I just won’t vote again. And then I’ll just see where those next 4 years take me.

In a country where we fear our own police and justice is too often left unserved, it’s safe to say we as individuals do not have the most say on where this country will end up, not even the candidates themselves. People are going to do what they’re going to do and at the end of the day only we have any say on where we go in life. That sounds like a belief that Donald Trump would have, but in a more financial manner. But money isn’t everything, it’s just the way America was built, and we had no control over that. I think we waste a lot of energy and emotion on politics in general and we really should focus more on what we’re doing for ourselves, our families and communities.

And that is probably the most I will speak on politics both on the internet and IRL. If you want to debate and or defend your own beliefs, please do so, but in the comments section.


Sources: Tumblr, Google, The Slatest

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