The Aurora [contributed post]

God created the world in Seven days. In those 7 days the world was created. He created day and night, good and evil, the land and the sea. Each creation was better than the next just as if it were some sort of competition. Despite the fact God was only competing with himself. God then created man, the second most powerful form of himself. God had really outdone himself being that the world was stitched together so effortlessly and seamlessly. He needed to be challenged; he wanted to create a masterpiece. Something that had the strength to produce life, something that could withstand pain and heartache but still remains temperate and affectionate despite the adversity. God set the bar a little higher with his final creation and that’s when he created Woman. On this particular day he spent more time creating a woman so wonderful, so beautiful, and so intelligent that she could bring any mere man to his knees. God had molded her with curves that would put the Catskills to shame, a brain that Einstein would pick, and eyes, big blue eyes that would cause the Pacific and Atlantic to be jealous. He formed her heart to be enormous, guarded, but enormous. She was a stunning canvas that once was blank but now oh so vibrant that even the sun was blinded. God had created his most precious masterpiece and she was perfect. God had created this woman. He created her hands to fit perfectly into someone else’s. He created her to bring life back into someone’s soul. He created her to make the world a better place. He created her to save a life. He created her for me.

-published by Alec Jackson


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