I don’t care if TBT doesn’t go viral..

Because chances are it won’t anyway. I made this blog because I wanted to express myself in the least self-limiting way possible. Whether five people see it or five million people see it, makes no difference to me.

Though I would love this blog to get lots of exposure, I’ve never really been the attention-seeking type. Having that mentality is almost like being in a prison; a prison of other people’s opinions & approval. But that prison has two extremes:

  1. Doing things purely for self-gratification through others.
  2. Resisting your instincts in fear of other’s disapproval.

I fell victim to the second extreme ironically because I wanted to avoid the first one. The trick is to disregard what others think entirely and ultimately free yourself from that prison altogether.

“The greatest prison people live in is the fear of what other people think.”
— David Icke

We care way too much about what other’s think when in reality those people rarely think about us at all, probably because they’re too busy obsessing over what people are thinking about them! When you grow past that thought pattern, I believe that you are free.

Most of the time we can’t help it. For example, how often do we think about what other people will think about your outfit when you go out somewhere? It’s almost automatic. “Oh I’m not gonna wear this, it’s too provocative.” “I think I’m gonna wear this to impress all the boys.” Rarely do we ever consider wearing something because it’s comfortable (i.e. sweatpants) or because it makes us feel good (i.e. funky pattern hawiian shirt). All it takes is a little confidence.

Courtesy: Snapchat
I even got a girl’s number at a bar wearing this obnoxious straw hat last weekend. Sure I got a lot of strange looks, but I got probably as many compliments too.

So do I want this blog to go viral? Sure, but it will take a lot of work and patience. I never want to do anything only out of recognition and praise. If it doesn’t excite or intrigue me, then I probably don’t care about it. Do what you feel and forget what they might think.

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